5 Custom Shelving Ideas For Improving Your Home

When it comes to displaying beautiful homewares and precious memories or storing important documents and clothing, you can’t go past a good set of shelves. Whether you choose to make a statement with floor to ceiling shelving, a built-in bookcase or cleverly designed walk-in wardrobe, custom shelving is sure to elevate any space while providing essential storage. 

Custom shelving is versatile and can be used in any room of the house. Here are 5 of our favourite custom shelving ideas that you can use to improve your home.

Floating wall shelves

With such a simple but elegant design, custom floating shelves are a must-have item for every home. Once you add a decorative vase, dangling pot plant, or photo frame, you can completely transform a plain room into a stylish one. 

Not just for decorating, floating wall shelves provide essential storage for spaces like a home office or bathroom. To make the best use of space, try positioning any custom shelving against an adjoining wall. This will draw the eye across and give the illusion of a wider space no matter how full the shelves are. 

Custom bookshelves

Gone are the days of the standalone bookshelf tucked away in the corner of a room. Books are now a popular feature with many choosing to create custom bookshelves to display their favourite titles. Whether it takes up an entire wall, sits around the television in a living room or is cleverly built into a wall, a custom bookshelf will add a point of difference to your home, wowing anyone who sees it.

Built-in bookshelves or floating bookshelves can also increase the value of a property. While homeowners will take all of their furniture with them when they sell, custom built-in or floating bookshelves and other shelving remains. It’s a great way to add a creative element to a home without interfering with the space too much if you’re going to sell.

Walk in wardrobe shelving

A custom-built walk-in wardrobe is the epitome of luxury and provides the ultimate storage solution for your clothing, shoes and accessories. Individually designed and built, custom walk-in-wardrobe shelving will provide you with unique and ingenious ways to store your items that you can’t get from a flatpack system. 

Not only can you choose which items you want to display and which should be hidden, but in between your custom shelves, you can incorporate a makeup vanity or small workspace to make the space extra functional.

Kitchen shelves

A great way to add a feature in your kitchen is to incorporate custom kitchen shelving next to your wall kitchen cabinets. While providing the same amount of storage as a closed kitchen cabinet, you can display interesting or beautiful kitchen items like decorative glassware or an old set of kitchen scales. It also helps to give the appearance of more space by breaking up the sometimes bulky look of enclosed kitchen cabinetry. If you work with a custom kitchen cabinet maker, you’ll be able to integrate shelving with your kitchen cabinets to create a seamless look all the way across your wall. 

You can also incorporate this shelving into your walk-in or butler’s pantry as well. You don’t have to look for long on Instagram before seeing rows of highly organised pantry shelves. Many people prefer open shelving in their pantry, as opposed to doors or drawers,  so they can easily see and reach containers and food. 

Decorative shelving

While all shelving is functional, it doesn’t mean it can’t be ornamental too. The quality materials and expert craftsmanship that comes with building custom shelves means you can make your shelves a statement and turn them into a piece of art for your home like this Potts Point living room or this Filip Janssens x Husk&Co collaboration. Go bold with unique shapes and play around with the integration of shelving and furniture pieces to really make your shelves stand out.

If you’re looking for extra storage space or a stylish way to display your most treasured items, custom shelves are a worthwhile investment for your home. For custom bookshelves, custom cabinets and custom shelving Sydney wide, choose Husk&Co. Contact us to see how we can help design and build high-quality custom joinery pieces for your home.