Kids Bedroom Furniture Ideas That Are Fun and Functional

When it comes to designing a kids bedroom, you want to make sure it is equal parts fun and functional. A magical and exciting kids bedroom can help fuel your child’s imagination and give them a space where they can relax or play with friends, keeping them entertained for hours – and giving parents a break!

But your child’s bedroom should also be carefully designed for functionality. Ample storage is needed to keep books, clothes and toys off the floor and furniture should be sturdy enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear of little hands. 

If you’re looking to create a fun and functional kids bedroom, custom kids furniture is a great place to start. Here are some custom kids bedroom furniture ideas that both kids and parents will love!

Bespoke children’s beds they’ll love sleeping in

Custom loft beds and bunk beds are a favourite among children as the novelty of sleeping up high never wears off! Bunk beds are great for sleepovers or siblings sharing a room, while a loft bed will be a welcome addition to any room even as your child grows up.

The great thing about custom kids beds, especially custom bunk beds and loft beds, is that they can be built to fit a theme. Pirate ships and castles are a favourite among children with many parents choosing to incorporate a unique step ladder or canopy to make these beds even more exciting.

To make the best use of space, we recommend using the space under the loft bed for kids bedroom storage with custom cabinets or using custom joinery to create a study space for when they are in school. If you have bunk beds, storage can be built into the bed frames.

If your ceilings aren’t high enough, or your child doesn’t want a bed off the ground, you can design a custom kids bed with built-in storage. We love the idea of under bed toy storage or a built-in bed with shelving as seen in the most recent Three Birds Renovation project.

Custom kids wardrobes to keep their clothing organised

With a seemingly endless amount of clothing, kids need a wardrobe that can hold all their items and makes use of every space inside so things stay organised. With a custom kids wardrobe, you can make it fun by customising the colour and style to suit the theme of your child’s room. 

Built-in kids wardrobes are a great option and actually add value to your home. You can also use a built-in wardrobe to make a space for your child to study and play simply by adding some custom joinery against it to create a desk. This ensures no space in your child’s room is wasted.

Custom kids furniture to help them play and grow

Still trying to find that perfect piece of furniture for your child’s bedroom? A custom piece might be the way to go. Here are our favourite custom kids furniture ideas.

  • A custom toy box to hide teddies, lego and dolls, while providing a bench seat or surface for playing games too.
  • Custom shelving to display your child’s favourite toys, books and photos. Get creative by incorporating your theme into the shelves by changing the look and colour to match your child’s room
  • Custom kids’ tables and chairs for arts and craft. Integrate built-in storage to keep art and craft supplies close-by so that little hands have access to them whenever they feel inspired to create.

When you want to create an amazing kids bedroom, make sure you choose a custom joinery company like Husk&Co. We work with you to design kids furniture and joinery that will bring your kids joy and will last for years to come! Whether you’re looking for a custom kids bed, built-in wardrobes, kids furniture or shelving, the opportunities to create a bedroom your child will love are endless! Get in touch to see what we can build you today.