7 Reasons to Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house. Acting as the heart of the home, the kitchen is not just for storing important appliances and tools or cooking, it’s a place for people to come together, share food and communicate. 

It is also said that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses which is why you need to pay extra attention to the design and functionality of a kitchen if you’re planning on selling, or if you’re designing your ‘forever home’.

With so many mass-produced flat pack kitchen cabinets available, choosing custom kitchen cabinetry might seem like an unnecessary choice, but there are so many reasons why custom kitchen cabinets are the best choice for your new kitchen.

Here are 7 reasons to choose custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom cabinetry gives you more choice

Flat-pack kitchens offer stock standard sizing and finishes so if you want something unique or even just something specific, it can be difficult to find flat packs that can accommodate your requests. 

When you use a bespoke kitchen cabinet maker, you have endless materials, styles and designs to choose from so you can create the kitchen of your dreams. This is very useful if you have a home with a particular interior style like contemporary or Hamptons, and you can’t find flat-pack cabinets that fit the style.

Custom cabinetry allows for unique floor plans

If you don’t have a standard kitchen layout, or you want a unique kitchen design, custom cabinetry is the perfect option as you can work with a joinery company to create cabinetry that will not only suit your layout but maximise the space. They can build cabinets that you can’t find in a standard flat-pack range so you can design your kitchen exactly how you like it, without limitations.

Custom cabinetry provides better storage

More storage is the one thing every homeowner needs, and kitchens are filled with oddly shaped equipment that often doesn’t fit in standard flat pack cabinets. With bespoke kitchen cabinets, you can incorporate clever storage solutions like cutting board slots, pull out pantry cupboards and integrated kitchen appliances to keep bench space clear. This is something that will be very attractive to prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Custom cabinets can create a cohesive look

Once you’ve chosen the style and finishes of your kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to stop there. With custom-designed cabinetry, you can take that look throughout your home into your bathroom or laundry with a matching vanity or linen cupboard. You’ll love seeing the same stunning designs throughout your home, and it will make choosing furnishings and styling so much easier when it’s all complimentary.

Custom kitchen cabinets last longer

Unlike mass-produced flat-pack kitchens, the best custom joinery is built and assembled by professionals so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your cabinets being subpar. Experienced cabinet makers like Husk&Co. design and build cabinets with longevity in mind which includes the joints and way they are assembled. They also choose high-quality hardware and fixtures that will survive the endless opening and closing so you don’t need to worry about replacing your cabinets every 5-10 years.

If you’re looking for a kitchen that will keep up with your family or lifestyle, choose high-quality custom kitchen cabinets for your home.

Custom cabinetry is locally sourced

Unlike most flat-pack kitchen cabinets that are made and sourced from overseas factories, when you choose a local kitchen cabinet maker, they can often find the materials they need to build your kitchen cabinets locally. This makes the building process faster, supports other local Australian businesses and helps to reduce carbon emissions from importing materials. 

If you use a local kitchen cabinet supplier, it’s also easier to make sure your kitchen cabinet materials were ethically sourced and that the wood has been sourced responsibly and not from environmentally sensitive areas.

Custom kitchen cabinetry increases the value of your home

We know that kitchens sell houses, and buyers are more astute than ever so if you want top dollar for your home, a flat-pack kitchen won’t cut it. “If you are only going to invest in one place, make it the kitchen,” advise Steve and Suzanne, who are also the co-authors of ‘Nail Your Renovation without getting Screwed’.

If you’re not planning on selling any time soon, a kitchen renovation with new cabinets will add value to your lifestyle. You’ll be able to beautifully transform a room that you spend the most time in and enjoy prepping, cooking and entertaining for years to come.

Husk&Co. works with the best materials to expertly create custom kitchen cabinetry for homes on the Northern Beaches. If you’re looking for Northern Beaches kitchen cabinet makers, contact Husk&Co. to see how our bespoke kitchen cabinets can transform your space today!